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Body of Art

It was the human form that first inspired people to paint, draw and sculpt. As budding artists, we’re taught perspective by measuring objects in the distance using our thumb, we learn to trace the contours of a model’s naked curves with charcoal and pencil, and finally evolve to portray the body as we see it – an object of beauty or obscenity. The body – both nude and clothed – has been a fascination for artists since the beginning of time and continues to intrigue. In our Spring issue, we take a closer look at the artists who are using their own bodies as mediums of art. From whimsical body sculptures by Ho Siu Kee (p. 14), Daniel Yeung’s avant-garde dance performances (p.6), to a tattoo parlour where star tattooist, Joey Pang, paints onto skin with ink and needle (p. 22) – these are the people who are using the human form as a vessel in creating new and innovative bodies of art.